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Concurrent License Administrator's Guide

SPSS v.26: Windows installation instructions

SPSS v.26: Macintosh installation instructions

SPSS v.26: Linux installation instructions

Installation Information

Concurrent license: Download and install License manager matching your SPSS version.

Individual SPSS license does not require License Manager

To install SPSS download compressed archive and uncompress it in a folder on your computer.

Carefully read documentation included in the package.

Double-click the appropriate executable file to begin installation.

Individual installation Authorization codes

SPSS v.26 uw-students-v26 uw-employees-v26
SPSS v.25 uw-students-v25 uw-employees-v25

Installer package for Windows

SPSS v.26 IBM_SPSS_STATISTICS_CLIENT_64-BIT 579.85 MB91625931cb23f9867919493d62c08b02
SPSS v.25 SPSS_Statistics_25_win64.exe 717.43 MB1f673ed50bb79c2e4724257b81c7a5b7

Installer package for Macintosh

SPSS v.26 SS_CLIENT_26.0_MAC_OS_MULTILINGUA.dmg 648.34 MBd8d000c69431a3432dae8158b18aafd9
SPSS v.26 - mac silent install SS_CLIENT_26.0_MAC_OS_SILENT_M.dmg 590.66 MB0a76c5e4e7972c270309e1c89edbf0ce
SPSS v.25 SPSS_Statistics_25_mac.dmg 735.58 MBeb667af6ae325f6c430ace97abc58dde
SPSS v.25 - mac silent install SPSS_Statistics_25_mac_silent.dmg 677.41 MBfd48893d47e1542bcd9af9931a7f5c32

Installer package for Linux

SPSS v.26 SS_CLIENT_26.0_LINUX_X86-64_M.bin 716.864 MBa3691854461b2f9681319aac46a3249f
SPSS v.25 SPSS_Statistics_25_lin.bin 772.085 MB5bdedd8aceaf520dbce427c16423fb06

UW owned equipment only: Concurrent License Manager

License Manager-MAC spss_clt_9.1_mac_en.tar.gz 55.355 MB586abdd61c90e9559a3485eb2bc124ec
License Manager-WIN 143.52 MB2b3f725f118aacc30174c9bdce4bcdfd
License Manager-LNX spss_clt_9.1_lnx_en.tar.gz 123.27 MB83e1548b0092262aa1aa9f173e50166b

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