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Concurrent License Administrator's Guide

SPSS v.27: Authorized User License Windows installation instructions

SPSS v.27: Authorized User License Macintosh installation instructions

SPSS v.27: Authorized User License Linux installation instructions

Renew individual SPSS license in place

Find and copy an appropriate authorization code on this page. Follow the instructions on IBM Documentation on license renewal page to renew the license for SPSS already installed on your computer.

Installation Information

Concurrent license: Download and install License manager matching your SPSS version.

Individual SPSS license does not require License Manager

To install SPSS download compressed archive file and uncompress it in a folder on your computer.

Carefully read documentation included in the package.

Double-click the appropriate executable file to begin installation.

 SPSS Data Access Pack (SDAP) v.8.1 Multiplatform

IBM SPSS FixPacks are the cumulative updates for the problems reported by the users. Install the FixPack, if it is posted here, to avoid issues with SPSS.

SPSS FixPacks

SPSS versionOperating SystemFixPackDescriptionPosted here
  v.27    Mac OS-X     27.0-IM-S27STATC-Mac-MD001   IBM SPSS Statistics 27.0 Mac Modified Release 1 03/30/2021
  v.26    Mac OS-X     26.0-IM-S26STATC-Mac-FP002   IBM SPSS Statistics Client 26.0 Mac Fix Pack 2 03/30/2021
  v.26    Linux     26.0-IM-S26STATC-Linux8664-FP001 IBM SPSS Statistics Client 26.0 Linux Fix Pack 1 03/30/2021
  v.26    Win-64;   26.0-IM-S26STATC-WIN64-FP001 IBM SPSS Statistics Client 26.0 Win64 Fix Pack 1 03/30/2021

SPSS Authorization codes for Individual Installation by the UW Faculty and Students.

SPSS v.28   uw-students-v28     uw-employees-v28  
SPSS v.27   uw-students-v27     uw-employees-v27  
SPSS v.26   uw-students-v26     uw-employees-v26  

SPSS Installer package for Windows

SPSS v.28 SPSS_CLIENT_64-BIT_28.0 for WINDOWS 860,153 MBbec59c5878b1535f52cfadd4370586d0
SPSS v.27 SPSS_CLIENT_64-BIT_27.0 for WINDOWS 541.72 MBe770b5f5424b4d6882d4dbd3c865e95f
SPSS v.26 IBM_SPSS_STATISTICS_CLIENT_64-BIT 579.85 MB91625931cb23f9867919493d62c08b02

SPSS Installer package for Macintosh

SPSS v.28 SSC_28.00.00_MacOS.pkg 857.880 MB36f6abea380615c92b6c241396c01c28
SPSS v.27 SPSS_CLIENT_27.0_MAC_OS.pkg 648.34 MBe733800bdd9d074af8b9e38d4a4e4fe3
SPSS v.26 SPSS_CLIENT_26.0_MAC_OS.dmg 648.34 MBd8d000c69431a3432dae8158b18aafd9
SPSS v.26 - mac silent install SPSS_CLIENT_26.0_MAC_OS_SILENT_M.dmg 590.66 MB0a76c5e4e7972c270309e1c89edbf0ce

SPSS Installer package for Linux

SPSS v.27 SPSS_STATISTICS_CLIENT_Lin_27.0.1.iso 1,135.72 MB021af20651566fe3d898e61787137b69
SPSS v.26 SPSS_CLIENT_26.0_LINUX_X86-64_M.bin 716.864 MBa3691854461b2f9681319aac46a3249f

UW owned equipment only: Concurrent License Manager

SPSS-v.28 License Manager-MAC SPSSCLT9.9_-_LicmgrMac_Eng.gz 83.712 MB 021a082d704b29cf547dd69ade325bbb
SPSS-v.28 License Manager-WIN 130.576 MB 562c9443ae389058b0e9793fb25abafd
SPSS-v.28 License Manager-LNX SPSSCLT9.9_-_LicMgrLinuxx86-64_En.gz 180.291 MB e56c6c698693b36e97b84023c2151c83
SPSS-v.27 License Manager-MAC spss_clt_9.8_mac_en.tar.gz 142.302 MBaf021d1d6ea1662478a77de9b37d925c
SPSS-v.27 License Manager-WIN 138.430 MBe30280a09947402ef116943a61cc5102
SPSS-v.27 License Manager-LNX spss_clt_9.8_lnx_en.tar.gz 180.274 MBd21c637d0c5c4511c368c20ebae0de42
SPSS-v.26(v.25)License Manager-MAC spss_clt_9.1_mac_en.tar.gz 55.355 MB586abdd61c90e9559a3485eb2bc124ec
SPSS-v.26(v.25)License Manager-WIN 143.52 MB2b3f725f118aacc30174c9bdce4bcdfd
SPSS-v.26(v.25)License Manager-LNX spss_clt_9.1_lnx_en.tar.gz 123.27 MB83e1548b0092262aa1aa9f173e50166b

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